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Therapeutic Riding

What is Therapeutic Riding and how does it help?

Therapeutic riding has been proven to increase muscle tone, coordination, mobility and posture for those that ride. Riders experience enhanced independence while leaving crutches, wheelchairs and disabilities aside as they settle into the saddle a top our equine therapist at Jake E’s Riding Round Up. Through the use of equine-assisted activities, therapeutic riding allows special needs individuals to experience the rhythmic motion of a horse. Riders move fluidly with the horse to improve balance, muscle strength and flexibility. This movement which mimics the human gait allows those with physical, cognitive and emotional limitations to enjoy the same freedoms that able-bodied individuals take for granted every day.

Therapeutic riding leads to increased coordination and endurance.

Increased motor skills are typically seen with therapeutic riding patients.

PATH Certified Riding Instructors and a host of Jake E’s volunteers oversee the individualized therapy and educational activities specifically developed for each client via therapeutic riding. Riders with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and other debilitating illnesses benefit from therapeutic riding on a regular basis at Jake E’s Riding Round Up. It is a proven fact therapeutic horseback riding improves the quality of life for those with special needs.

The movement of the horse stimulates the riders vestibular system (inner ear) which not only controls balance, but all voluntary movement of the body including speech. Riders also learn vital skills such as: following instructions, focusing, task sequencing, participation and gain self-confidence while participating in therapeutic riding programs.

At Jake E’s Riding Round Up we offer basic activities and training in traditional English and Western styles based on the unique therapy goals of each rider. Growth and achievement gained from therapeutic riding affect growth and achievement in other areas of each patients life. For example, a client that gains strength in his trunk muscles typically uses less energy on maintaining balance by enabling the patient to turn  and speak more clearly, as well as focus and observe the world around them. Therapeutic riding can be a life changing therapy for those with physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities.

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