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Horses for Heroes

Heroes for Horses

Heroes for Horses

The Jake E’s Horses for Heroes program was established as an opportunity to reach out to veterans and active duty military personnel. Many times when veterans return from combat with injuries and/or mental trauma they need innovative therapies to recover both physically and mentally. Equine-assisted therapies can be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to finding physical and mental stability.

Jake E’s mission of PEACE – People thru Equines Achieving Courage and Empowerment – is a perfect complement to traditional therapies and programs. Therapeutic riding programs and equine-assisted therapies have been proven to help those with spinal cord injuries, amputations and a variety of physical limitations. Horses are effective intermediaries and are often utilized as an alternative rehabilitation program to re-establish self-confidence, and flexibility as well as to overcome emotional bonding and trust issues.

Operation Veteran is an annual Jake E’s signature event that stems from the non-profit’s Horses for Heroes program. Veterans from across the state participate in a day of equine-assisted activities and therapy at Jake E’s Riding Round Up. Each October Veterans enjoy a fun day of activities including an equine catch and release station, a tack and grooming station, a learning to lead a horse session and, ultimately, a riding opportunity.

Jake E’s is also fortunate to have a collaborated relationship with several Kaufman County agencies working to help veterans re-establish their lives via multiple annual events. While Horses for Heroes focuses on the unique emotional bond between a horse and a human, Jake E’s Riding Round Up believes this program says thank you in a special way to veterans.

For more information on participating in an upcoming Jake E’s Horses for Heroes event, please contact Director/Founder Jana Ewing at