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Jake E’s offers multiple programs and services for a variety of disabilities and special needs.

At Jake E’s Riding Round Up we offer a multitude of services and programs for individuals with special needs. Our main focus is our clients and their need to find PEACE – People Thru Equines Achieving Courage & Empowerment. Equine-assisted programs have been proven to motivate, enrich and educate individuals with special needs. Our programs at Jake E’s all offer improvement with balance, mobility, muscle tone, coordination and posture.  Enhanced concentration and self-esteem are solid results found with all of the programs we offer at Jake E’s Riding Round Up. For more information on our Programs and Services explore this section of our website for a deeper understanding of our programs and the benefits of each one.

Therapeutic Riding
Therapeutic Riding has been proven to lead to increased motor skills, muscle tone, coordination, mobility, posture and overall attitude. At Jake E’s Riding Round Up we find that Therapeutic Riding also creates smiles from everyone involved.

Equine Facilitated Mental Health and Learning
Equine Facilitated Mental Health and Learning (EFMHL) utilizes horses to help clients heal. It is designed to enhance traditional therapy and give Mental Health Professionals a way to bring healing to their clients thorough a relationship with a horse.

Horses for Heroes
Many times when a veteran returns from combat with injuries or mental trauma they need innovative therapies to recover both physically and mentally. At Jake E’s Riding Round Up we believe our Horses for Heroes program is just what the doctor orders for these returning heroes. We offer special events and programs year-round to honor and assist veterans with their recovery.

Blessed Strokes
Blessed Strokes is a creative healing outlet offered at Jake E’s twice a month for individuals of all ages that may be having difficulty expressing themselves due to disability, sickness, life-threatening trauma or advanced age.

Petting Barn
Animal-assisted therapy has been known to offer multiple benefits including social, emotional and cognitive functions while increasing interpersonal rapport. The Petting Barn at Jake E’s Riding Round Up is one of the more popular offers in our line-up of programs and services.