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2017 Truck Wagon Dinner and Horse Extravaganza


The 2017 Jake E’s ‘Truck Wagon Dinner & Horse Extravaganza’ was held Saturday, April 8th. The weather was perfect, and everyone had a great time enjoying all of the activities. It was our most successful fundraiser yet with approximately 400 in attendance, an increase in sponsors from previous years and over 250 silent auction items.

New to the event this year was a ‘Horse and Rider Obstacle Course’ held from 10:00am til 2:00pm. Participants hauled in their own personal horses and had over 30 obstacles to ride. Everyone that participated was excited and said they had so much fun that they planned to invite all of their friends and return next year.

We had to large tents with tables and chairs to sit under and a wonderful food tent that offered delicious Mexican and American food, drinks and snacks that were available for purchase throughout the day. We also had a special ‘Kona Ice’ truck that everyone enjoyed.

The dove release, once again, opened the program for the evening event. Jana, Caleb and Hayden release doves each year in memory of Jacob Eli Ewing, the inspiration for Jake E’s Riding Round Up.

The breaking of a colt was next on the program. Doug Jordan, from Greenvile, Texas, held us spellbound as he broke a two year old. The colt had never been saddled or ridden. The art and skill of the horseman, patiently building trust and gently training, presented many spiritual parallels regarding God’s approach to break and train our hearts. It was an unforgettable experience.

Everyone then enjoyed the rider demonstration in the arena. Abby, Eli and Bob, three of our riders at Jake E’s, showed off their riding skills for everyone. We also had a table setup for autographs where guests could meet, greet and get signed autograph pictures from our riders.

All kinds of activities were going on all evening:
-Our kissing booth was a popular spot where everyone enjoyed meeting one of our therapy horses
-The petting barn, as always, was a hit with our miniatures horses, goats and pigs
-The children played croquet, horseshoes and several other games

The silent auction closed at 8:00pm, and as the evening came to an end, everyone enjoyed live music by Angela Graham while waiting to claim their treasures. Later, some who weren’t ready to call it a night just yet, enjoyed dancing to a downloaded playlist of favorites.

Jake E’s Riding Round Up wants to thank our wonderful staff, instructors, board members and the many volunteers who worked so hard to make this event happen. We also thank our sponsors for their support. It takes a village to make this event a huge success, and we succeeded!