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Riding Scholarships

Donations for Therapeutic Scholarships are needed at all times for clients without the financial means to pay for the programs and services available at Jake E’s.

Scholarships are one of the greatest needs here at Jake E’s Riding Round Up. We believe no one that is seeking our therapeutic services, including horseback riding and equine-assisted therapies, should be turned away for lack of the financial ability to pay for these important programs and services. With this in mind, here at Jake E’s we are seeking to establish a scholarship program for our special needs clients.

If you have interest in financially supporting or establishing a riding scholarship in honor of your family, loved one or special animal, please contact us at We would be honored to give you more information about this important area of giving.

Together we can make a difference every day!

Thank you to…
Vicki Sallings and Verizon for the Matching Donation to sponsor our riders
Katherine Decker for sponsoring one of our riders
The Rotary Club of Cedar Creek Lake for sponsoring four riders for a session