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Empower Lift Dedication

Jake E’s Riding Round Up was proud to be involved with the Senior Engineering Program at Southern Methodist University in Dallas for the building of the Jake E’s Empower Lift.

The purpose of our Empower Lift Campaign is to raise funds that will pay for a device that can actually raise a wheelchair bound rider from their chair on the mounting ramp high enough to be positioned on to the back of a horse.The actual construction of the Lift started in January 2013. The expectation is that the actual Lift will be operational in the summer of 2013. The final Lift capacity will be more than 300 lbs.All Jake E’s riders that utilize the Lift will be EMPOWERED when they are lifted to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic riding. No more turning people away at Jake E’s because we cannot get the rider on a horse.

Click here to join us in our fundraising efforts for the Empower Lift Campaign. We are in a Matching Gift Campaign with Southern Methodist University for this Lift. We must raise $1,500 to complete this project. If you have interest in being a part of the Empower Lift Campaign please make your online donation to our General Fund, and write Empower Lift Campaign in the notes section. We know you will feel EMPOWERED to be a part of this exciting project!